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There are more than 92 NABJ-NAHJ sessions, workshops and training activities at this year’s virtual convention. Please take a look at a general overview of some of this year’s offerings.

Note: The information below is subject to change.


  • Disinformation in 2020: How COVID-19 and the Murder of George Floyd Are Being Used as a Tool for Online Voter Suppression
  • A Black Police Officer’s Perspective: What It’s Like to be a Black Police Officer Navigating Two Turbulent Worlds
  • Trauma on the Job: Are Journalists Taking Care of Their Mental Health?
  • Rebellion Revolution & Rebuilding: Why Diversity in Media is Critical to the Historical Framing of the Language of Our Protest Narrative
  • Unarmed and Killed by Law Enforcement: Reporting on Unarmed Shootings in the Digital Age
  • Equal Pay: Getting What You Deserve
  • Racism in the Press Box: How to Win as a Minority Journalist Covering Major Sporting Events
  • Producing History: The Women of Color Who Run Top News Organizations
  • Tools and Strategies for Uncovering Voter Suppression Ahead of the 2020 Elections
  • Workin' Full Time, Teachin' Part Time: College Adjunct Teaching Tips
  • Navigating the Evolving PR Landscape to Find the Right Role for You
  • Getting Into the Game of Covering eSports
  • Coverage During COVID-19: Managing Through a Pandemic
  • Thirst for Yours: How Brands Can Approach Purpose | Powered by Coca-Cola
  • Science and Data: Examining Health Disparities in the COVID-19 Era | Powered by American Medical Association
  • Making the Leap: From Journalism to Public Relations
  • NBC University: Writing Feature TV News Reports | Powered by NBCUniversal
  • Getting Down to (Sports Journalism) Business
  • Love, Life, and the Lede: How to Navigate the Business and Your Personal Life (Part 2)
  • Staying on the Beat: Protecting Your Mental Health While Covering the Tragedies of COVID-19
  • Digging into Data (Reporting) for Beginners
  • Boost Your Enterprise Reporting
  • Looking Beyond Buttigieg: The Impact of LGBTQ Candidates and Political Advocacy
  • Podcasting for Reach: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market
  • The TV Lawyers: How We Got There and How We're Changing the Game
  • Show Me the Money: How to Make Six Figures or More as a Publicist
  • Restricting Cities: How Barriers of Health Equity Threaten Communities of Color | Powered by the American Heart Association
  • NBC University: Visual Storytelling During Breaking News | Powered by NBCUniversal
  • NBC University Townhall with Craig Melvin & Jose Diaz Balart | Powered by NBCUniversal
  • How to Find a Job in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep Your Career on Track
  • Lift Ev’ry Voice: Reporting on Minority Communities Beyond 2020 | Presented by the NABJ Political Task Force
  • Building Confidence While Navigating Office Politics
  • Face of the Franchise: The Journey to the Top in Sports Television
  • Dos & Don’ts: Missteps to Avoid During Job Interviews and How to Present Your Best Self
  • Racism in the English Language: Uttering/Publishing Outdated ‘Black+Bad’ Color Symbolism as Journalistic Malpractice
  • #StayWoke: Students of Color and the Changing Faces of Campus Media
  • Elections, Disinformation and Online Abuse: Understanding the Scope of the Issue
  • Freelance Doesn't Mean Free: How Independent Journalists Can Maximize Financial Gains
  • Effective Leadership in the Age of Downsizing
  • Public Relations in Beast Mode: Understanding Strategic Planning and Crisis Communications
  • Under Pressure: Real Life in Real Time with Breaking News
  • Adapting an Investigative Mindset in Your Day-to-Day Reporting
  • How to Know When It's Time to Bounce
  • Effectively Using Mobile Device Tools in Visual Journalism Reporting
  • How Business Reporters Cover a Global Pandemic | Powered by Bloomberg
  • Your Money and Your Life: Why Business News is More Important than Ever | Powered by CNBC
  • Virginia’s Breakthrough Reforms to Small-Dollar Loans | Powered by Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Protecting your Twitter Account from Being Hijacked
  • Cybersecurity Office Hours
  • ¡Excelente!
  • Show Me Your Data
  • Programmatically Rolling Your Rs
  • R is for Graphics
  • Investigative and Accountability Journalism
  • Pitch Perfect: How to Sell Your Story
  • Freelancing Tips and Tricks: Getting Started and Finding Support Resources
  • Create Journalism That’s Useful to the Communities We’re Covering
  • Why SEO is Important for Every Content Creator
  • Meeting Your Audience Where They're At
  • Reporting in a Socially Distant World
  • Leadership Lessons for Managing a Newsroom in a Post-Pandemic/Truth Age


  • Google News Lab Election Training | Powered by Google
  • Let's Write Our First Web Scraper: Getting Data from Websites Without Knowing How to Code
  • The Future of Research: Using Text Analytics to Decode Viewer Verbatims
  • Tech in a Minute
  • Video Strategy 101: Create Compelling Digital Stories that Find an Audience
  • Producing in the Digital Age
  • Using Google Earth for Storytelling with the Google News Lab | Powered by Google
  • Google News Lab Data Visualization Training | Powered by Google
  • Innovation Gear-a-thon
  • SEO for Dummies: Step-by-Step Search Visibility
  • The Future of Storytelling: Leveraging Authentic Storytelling Across Multimedia Platforms Including AI & AR
  • Rock Your Stories: Locating, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Google Tools
  • NABJ Visual Task Force Presents Multimedia Tools, Tips and Techniques


  • How to Pitch Your Book and Get Published
  • “Self-Made” by A'Lelia Bundles
  • “Coming Full Circle: From Jim Crow to Journalism” by Wanda Smalls Lloyd
  • “Bearing Witness While Black” by Allissa V. Richardson
  • “Serena Williams: Tennis Champion, Sports Legend and Cultural Heroine” by Merlisa Lawrence Corbett Record
  • “Supreme Models” by Marcellas Reynolds
  • “Inside the Upheaval of Journalism” by Marquita Pool
  • “Whitelash: Unmasking White Grievance at the Ballot Box” by Terry Smith
  • “Say I'm Dead” by E. Dolores Johnson
  • “The Talking Drum” by Lisa Braxton and “Beyond Bourbon Street” by Nikesha Elise
  • “Lies Uncovered: The Long Journey Home - The Truth About the Arthur G. Dozier Reform School for Boys” by Duane Fernandez, Sr.
  • “Convictions of Faith” by R.S. Basi
  • “Overground Railroad: The Green Book & Roots of Black Travel in America” by Candacy Taylor and “Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights” by Gretchen Sorin
  • “Blacktrekking: My Journey Living in Latin America” by Stephanie Claytor
  • “Falling Bedrooms” by Dr. Donna Clovis
  • “Daughter of the Boycott” by Karen Gray Houston
  • “The Other Madisons” by Bettye Kearse


  • The Newsmaker Plenary on the U.S. Presidential Candidates
  • The W.E.B. Du Bois Plenary powered by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • A 3D career fair and exhibition hall featuring more than 70 companies armed with recruiters
  • The option for attendees to meet recruiters and managers live via video, phone and chat in their booths
  • The opportunity to build and share your professional profile and visual portfolio while also applying for job openings right at the virtual booths
  • An opening ceremony and reception co-produced with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • At least 5 networking/happy hour receptions
  • Three breakfast and luncheon events (the first 1,200 registrants will receive free meal delivery)
  • The annual NABJ Sports Task Force Scholarship Jam featuring a celebrity DJ
  • The 2021 Houston Convention Kickoff party
  • Exclusive movie screenings and upfronts
  • The Visual Task Force photo auction
  • And a whole lot more (including the option to build your own virtual swag bag to take advantage of partner offerings and save important information as you experience the virtual environment)

If you have any questions, please email

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